Unit 6 Transportation Information

Director of Transportation:
Tom Heidenreich
A school bus driver must devote 100% of his/her time to driving the bus, and therefore, should not be distracted by the misconduct of students. For the protect of students and drivers, all Fieldcrest Buses are equipped with audio and video recording devices. The follow partial list should provide a basis for student conduct and safe transportation:

Students must be on time at the designated stops.

Arrival a few minutes early helps keep the bus on schedule.

Students must wait until the bus come to a complete stop before attempting to board the bus.

Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion.

Hands and head must be kept inside the bus at all times.

Students are to refrain loud talking and laughing or unnecessary confusion that may divert the 
drivers attention from the road. 

Book, Book bags, Band instruments and all other objects must be kept out of bus aisle.

Students should never throw articles out of the bus.

Students boarding the bus should do so in orderly fashion, refraining from pushing and shoving.

Students waiting for the bus should be off the road, out of danger of passing vehicles.

All talking etc. must stop when a bus approaches and crosses a railroad crossing.

Driver will not stop places other than a students regular drop off point.

Students must sit in their assign seats.

Students are to obey the drivers requests promptly.

Students must have prior approval from the principal and a note from home to change buses or to ride to a different destination.  

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