Weather and school information

Weather Dismissal Information

Colder weather and the daily decisions regarding school attendance due to weather concerns will be here before we know it. This page is intended to help parents better understand the behind-the-scenes process that occurs each day such a decision must be made.

1. The district puts the safety of students first. A determination is made each morning regarding whether buses can run safely. The Superintendent and Transportation Director communicate early regarding road conditions. If it is determined that buses cannot run with reasonable safety, then school will not be in session that day.

2. The district references the National Weather Service’s Windchill Chart ( as an aid only in making determinations regarding attendance at school. Please be aware that is only one element of several in making a determination as to whether school should be in session. Generally, if windchill reaches -20F or below, the district begins to strongly consider whether to have or continue school that day.

3. The district reviews forecasts in order to help make determinations. At times it may appear that weather is imminent, whether from a forecast or weather radar, and the district must act on that information, whether the expected/forecasted weather event actually happens or not.

4. The district also consults with neighboring districts. However, weather from one district to the next is rarely the same, let alone weather from Minonk to Toluca to Wenona. Snow amounts and whether there is snow, ice, or nothing sometimes varies greatly with just a few miles distance. Our district is 20 miles long north to south, and a weather event north of Wenona or west of Toluca may not have any impact on Minonk.As a result of our size and weather vagaries, it is entirely possible for some districts in our area to be in school and Fieldcrest to be out of school, or vice versa, depending on a number of factors.

5. The district must also consider whether early dismissal during hot weather is appropriate. Our buildings, in large part, are not air conditioned, and temperatures in some areas of the buildings can soar on hot days. Determinations will be made based on conditions in our buildings as they become available. 

6. The State of Illinois now allows the district to make determinations the night prior if enough information is known to call school. Therefore, late calls may occur the night before a day school is called, or early the morning of that day. The district strives to make the calls by no later than 6:00 am of the day school is called, but late weather arrivals may make this impossible in some cases. Messages will be sent via the Lumen phone/email system, social media, and the list of radio and TV stations noted in the student handbook.

7. Parents should have contingency plans in place in case of an early dismissal or a call of no school. The district will do everything it can to provide at least a hour warning, but having pre-planned emergency persons for pickup and care of your children is crucial.

(Updated 8-6-18)

Cold Weather Information

Be prepared: There are several things parents can do to be prepared in case school is closed or dismissal is delayed due to an emergency.

-Have contingency plans in place in case school is closed, dismisses early, or there are other unanticipated changes to your normal family routine.

-Make sure that the school has your current contact information. If your phone number (work, home or cell) or email has changed, let the school office know immediately.
-Make sure you are signed up for phone, email and text messages, as well as social media, which are key ways emergency information is communicated. Messages are also delivered through the district's parent portal via email.

-Make sure you know which radio and TV stations carry CUSD 6 closing news. Fieldcrest CUSD 6 currently calls: WMBD, WEEK, and Radio Bloomington.
-Have permission for another responsible adult to pick up your child on file at school in case an emergency dismissal occurs and you are not available. To give the school permission to release your child to a person other than a parent or guardian, please contact your school office for instructions. The school will not release your child to unauthorized persons.

-The district will do its best to determine school closures by 6:00 am on the day of the closure, and the night before when it is possible to do so. In some cases, however, weather closures may not be able to be made until a later time. In those cases, the district will notify parents as soon as possible.

(Updated 8-6-18)