Community Resources




Methodist Medical Group/Psychiatry

900 Main Street

Peoria, Il  61612

5 psychiatrists on staff

2 see adults/3 see children

Private insurance only


North Central Behavioral Health Systems

Individual, child, and group counseling

(815) 875-4458

OSF Medical Group/


Staff psychiatrists see adults only

Staff psychologists see children/adults

Private insurance or Sisters of Charity for bill paying assistance (no Medical Card)

309-683-7373 or


Behavioral Health

320 NE Armstrong, Peoria, IL. 61603


4 Psychotherapists- Bernice Young, Bill Gebhardt, Carrie Heinz, Dr. Tim Drew

Medical Cards Only, No- Sliding Scale, No- Insurance

(309) 655-6724


Collaborative Solutions Institute

Counseling Services for at-risk youth (OPTIONS), Eating disorders

Julia Madden Bozarth, Cheryl Gaines, Jim Strauss


Community Services



Illinois Department of Human Services

Provides assistance with medical card, WIC Public Aid applications

(800) 843-6154

Tri-County Opportunities Council Head Start Program (LaSalle, IL)

Educational activities, mental, dental, medical and nutrition services, parent education and family support (Free)

(815) 224-2533

(815)  220-1602

Twin Cities Behavioral Health

Counseling, evaluations

(309) 451-2910

University of Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children

Financial assistance, links to services for children with disabilities





Phone #

I.C.C. Adult Education/GED

Adult education, GED testing. Serving Tazewell and Woodford counties.

Taz. Co.     (309) 477-2290

Wood. Co. (309) 248-8212

Job Corp

Residential Job Training Program

                   (309) 676-5627


Lincoln’s Challenge

GED Assistance Residential Program



Teen Pregnancy


Phone #

Women’s Pregnancy Center-Peoria

Pregnancy counseling, infant clothes

                   (309) 688-0202


Hotline Emergency


Phone @

Youth Service Bureau


24-hour emergency hotline-Streator, Illinois


                  (815) 433-3953,





Phone #

Heart House / Heartline

Women/children of domestic abuse shelter.  Food, utilities, rent, clothing and diapers. Serving Woodford co. and Washington city.

                   ( 309) 467-6101

Freedom House –

Beth Anson K-8, Tammy Reis HS

Women’s domestic abuse center

School Programs/Counseling, Group Meetings (Free of Charge)


Woodford County Housing Authority

Low-income housing

                  (309) 467-4623

Health/Medical Services


Phone #

Easter Seals

Children with disabilities, evaluations, training, related therapies (Accepts Medical Card & Sliding Scale)



Dr. Naik (Dentist) Minonk, IL

Dental Services (Accepts Medical Card)


Woodford County Health Dept.


  (309) 467-3064

Women’s Health Advantage

Counseling, clinics, health services


Heartland Community Clinic

Medical/ dental/ vision services for anyone – insurance, medical card, financial assistance


Lions of IL Foundation



Camps for students with low vision, financial assistance for glasses, to donate glasses, hearing aides, cell phones


Substance Abuse


Phone #

Alcoholics Anonymous


Adult/Teen Support

               (309) 687-1329

Check website for current meeting locations

Illinois Addiction for Recovery-Proctor Hospital

Addiction Counseling/Treatment: ages 12 and up, 18 & not in school-Adult unit. No Medicaid.

              (309) 691-1055

Illinois Addiction for Recovery- Bromenn Hospital

Addiction counseling/treatment with in an out-patient treatment. No Medicaid. 18 & not in school-Adult unit.

              (309) 888-0993

Chestnut Health Systems

1003 Martin Luther King Dr.

Bloomington, IL 61701


Only do adolescent substance abuse

Yes some medical card

Yes sliding scale

Yes insurance, but no Health Alliance


              (309) 827-6026