Innovative practices

Comprehensive Literacy Model

In January of 2014, the Board adopted the Comprehensive Literacy Model (CLM) for the district in grades K-6. The model, also known as PCL due to the extra-district support relationships that are formed, is described as follows:

"The Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) model is a school-reform project dedicated to increasing student achievement. The model uses literacy as a tool for implementing school improvement in four related areas: student learning, teacher perceptions, school climate, and school processes. Emphasis is placed on the dynamic, continuous relationship between a school's literacy program and the educational agencies and policies that influence school improvement. Four essential components within the school are:
  • classroom literacy framework,
  • school-embedded professional development,
  • layered interventions for struggling learners,
  • accountability and research."

Since the inception of the program in the fall of 2014, the district has built capacity across not only grades K-6, but also has included grades 7-8 in the use of the model. Full implementation is expected in the fall of 2017.

1:1 Technology and Edmentum online curriculum, grades 5-12

The Fieldcrest CUSD 6 district Board of Education has fully embraced 1-to-1 computing for the high school and middle school levels, or, as Alan November calls it, 1-to-world! The high school began the journey in the 2012-2013 school year, and grades 5-8 followed during the 2013-2014 school year.

As technology becomes more and more important in our world, research is showing that schools that appropriately apply technology have students who are dramatically more engaged in learning, are better versed in research skills and collaboration, and have students who have increased achievement

It is important to note that working with a 1-to-world platform is not just about the shiny new boxes that cram tons of information into very small spaces and allow speedy access in all kinds of environments. Training for staff to effectively use the devices is an important piece of the puzzle**, and Fieldcrest has undertaken that step, and will continue to train staff in effective uses of the 1-to-world platform.

As Fieldcrest continues to step forward on this journey, we do so with the implicit understanding that 1-to-world is about giving students the ability to greatly expand their horizons and to address the real world that they will someday step into.


The Fieldcrest CUSD 6 Board of Education added an Enrichment element to its educational program, starting in the fall of 2017. The district has hired an enrichment teacher for grades 3-8, and are beginning the implementation of Project Lead the Way (PLTW) as the primary curriculum. It is intended for PLTW to grow over time as the primary driver of student enrichment programs.