Building Questions & Answers

****Updated August 14, 2019****

Questions/answers on this page are arranged in no particular order, and are largely arranged as received. Tied to the note above, some of the answers related to timelines and costs may be changing as we move forward.

 Question   Response 
 1. What is the Board's current direction regarding the 10-year HLS surveys and any repair or construction?The Board has largely completed 10-year HLS work on the Primary and Intermediate. The Board has contracted the new architectural firm, Basalay Cary and Alstadt, to evaluate the buildings, especially the Middle and High school buildings, to provide the Board information in order to determine next steps.
2. What is the Board's timeline for building design planning and referendum, as well as any building construction project which might follow? There is no timeline at this timeline. However, it would be reasonable to expect the Board to begin to take actions of various kinds over the next few months and the new year.
3. Regardless of what route the Board decides to take in regard to buildings, who pays the bills for any work done? Especially in light of the state of Illinois telling the district certain things must be done. 1. Even in cases where the state of Illinois mandates high dollar projects be accomplished, taxpayers are on the hook for the bill, with the possible exception under a new law which has not yet been fleshed out.

2. With Woodford County facilities sales tax dollars now flowing, these dollars can be used to pay for the work or for bonds sold to pay for the work, although the Board hasn't specifically decided exactly how to use these dollars. These are, however, tax dollars, paid for by the residents of Woodford County when they shop in the county.

It is important to note the County Facilities Sales Tax, if approved in each county in which the district resides, could be used to help offset the cost of these projects, as the CFST can only be used for building repair or construction. Woodford and Livingston counties both have this in place at this time.

4. How can the Board justify spending millions of dollars and not getting an independent second opinion on structural repairs of the current buildings?

The Board actually has four opinions now on the serious concerns with both the MS and HS. Farnsworth has done two surveys: one in 2012 and one in 2016-17 (the 10-year HLS survey). Ameresco did a building efficiency study in 2012 which backs up serious repairs needed. And Cordogan Clark did a study on the Wenona building which indicates a need for high-dollar repair work in 2018.

In addition, the Board has changed architects, and the new firm is in the process of evaluating the buildings. When this report is complete in November, the Board will have all the information it needs to move forward.